Welcome to Hawaiian Hula Tutorials

Welcome to Hawaiian Hula Tutorials where we guarantee a pleasurable, step by step musical, audio, and visual learning experience of this ancient Hawaiian tradition.

Our Nā Kumu (Hawaiian for “teachers”) are lifelong practitioners of Hula and are themselves masters of the art. They share with you their years of teaching experience and in depth knowledge of this beautiful, and rich traditional cultural heritage; passed to them by older generations of great masters and hula experts.

A local product from Hawaii

Our Hula Tutorials are local products, made by us, the people who live here, and are inspired daily by the natural beauty and bounty our islands have to give. Through this site  and our Hula Tutorials, our goal is to share these gifts with the world, and encourage you to  to see, experience, and learn about Hawaii and true Hawaiian culture.

The Health Benefits of Hula

Hula has scientifically demonstrated health benefits.

From The Univerisity of Hawai’i at Mānoa and The Queens Medical Center:  “While hula is known worldwide and deeply connected to Hawai’i’s identity, (this)  study is represents the first time that hula has been scientifically evaluated as part of a health program.”  See more

Whatever your reasons for visiting us, we look forward to sharing with you something we love and treasure dearly Hula Hawai’is gift to the world.

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Caution – Do not attempt to perform these or any exercises without first consulting your physician about whether they are right for you and whether you are capable of doing them without trained supervision. The producers, distributors and creators of these videos are not responsible for injuries resulting from any viewer’s use of them.
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