Hawaiian Hula Tutorial Part 1 (53:58)

Comprehensive, Easy to Follow, and Beautiful

Beautifully presented and infused with dynamic authentic visuals, every lesson in this video will engage your interest and give you an understanding and appreciation of  the basic foundational hula steps.

With easy to follow instructions by Kumu Leihi ilani Kirkpatrick of Hawaii, viewers will discover each lesson to be meticulously broken down and precisely demonstrated, illustrating exactly what each move or position is and how to properly execute it. At the end of the tutorial all steps are combined into one dance routine so students can experience transition from one step to the next.

This video is over 53 minutes long.

Steps taught in this video tutorial:

  • Hela
  • Kāholo
  • Lele
  • ‘Ami
  • ‘Ami Ka’apuni
  • Uwehe
  • Lele Hela Uwehe
  • Kalākaua
  • Kāwelu

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Hawaiian Hula Tutorial Part 2